Kubiček Balloons AV1

The AV1 flying in TICO Prague colors
Gondola of the AV1

The AV1 advertising for Coca-Cola at a Russian airshow

Hot-air Airship AV 1

Volume: 2,800 m3
Length: 35 m
Height: 12 m
Weight: 195 kg
Gondola: Stainless steel, Weight 240 kg
Propulsion: 50Hp Rotax 503
Propeller: Justra-Stratos 4 blades
Burner: Kubicek H3-double 2 x 2.1 MW
Crew: Pilot + Copilot
Max. speed: 25 km/h
Flight endurance: 1.5 h

AV1 first flew on 16 October 1993. Formerly in the colors of TICO Prague and Coca-Cola Moscow.

Flying under a bridge
(Ed. Note - where is this?)

AV1 Flying over the Buran, the Russian Space Shuttle Orbiter

Unique chase vehicle and trailer setup

AV1 hot air airship launching from Dmitrov, Russia on February 20th, 2004 for a world-record duration flight attempt with pilot Nikolay Galkin at the controls

The record flight lasted 6 hours, 1 minute and set the FAI duration record for BX-4 through BX-10 size hot air airships.
A very full load of fuel!

Here the airship is being readied for a speed run

The AV1 made timed passes in each direction down the runway to find the average maximum airspeed over a certain distance

At times the AV1 flew with significant nose-up or nose-down pitch