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The Lindstrand HS110 was developed in 1995 as a purpose-built advertising airship, following closely in the footsteps of its bigger brother, the AS300. The HS110 borrowed many design features from the larger ship, most notably the envelope shape, fin arrangement and cold air fin pressurization system.

The gondola seats a pilot and passenger side-by-side in a stainless steel space frame with fiberglass panels and a polycarbonate windscreen. A 64hp Rotax 582UL aircraft engine propels the airship, while a 5hp Honda engine provides pressurization air to the fins and envelope.

The gondola is typically fitted with all avionics necessary to fly in controlled airspace, including a transponder, aircraft radio, Rotax FlyDAT unit for engine monitoring, and a FlyTec 3040 for flight instrumentation. The envelope can be fitted with navigation/position lights for night VFR flying. As well, there is an optional night lighting kit which includes a series of internal illumination lights which attach to the internal catenaries, and a set of landing lights which attach to the gondola. When the night lighting kit is carried, a generator takes the place of the passenger seat, which is removable.

Since 1995, at least eight HS110's have been built.



Constructed Airships

G-TRIB (1)
s/n 174 (1995)

s/n 253 (1995)

s/n 331 (1996)

s/n 362 (1996)

G-HSTH (1) (aka G-LRBW)
s/n 546 (1998)

s/n 671 (2000)

G-TRIB (2)

G-HSTH (2)



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